Intimacy occurs within the most honest and vulnerable moments when one connects with another in a quiet and simple encounter experienced by no other. A space in time is shared; two beings spilled together, an image, which is capable of forever portraying the existence of what was and what could be.

Within this body of work I aim for my photographs to convey an aura, which results in subjects more than merely just appearing, I aspire for my work to initiate feeling and curiosity. Through a construction of ambiguity within the images I wish to draw viewers into the work and question what lies before them.

Subtle details of the human shape and the intriguing closeness of one to another’s body allows the eye to perceive the landscape of the form in a way that is dramatically contrastive to the human body in which we typically view within everyday life.

The flesh, the tonal palette and the contours of shape and formation reflect notions of light and colour amongst the presence of life. These can be captured in the split seconds in time where the camera catches the light seeping into a room through a crack in the curtain, or exposes the natural colours of the sun bouncing off a bedroom ceiling. These moments therefore create the idea that simply colours alone have the ability to evoke emotive responses and conjure almost quiescently reposeful feelings.

My work desires to arouse receptivity and encourages the viewer to explore the perception of human contact and the beauty that is reciprocated through the world encompassing us.